Like many people living in this area, I am a transplant from San Jose.   I lived there until I left for college at Pepperdine University in Malibu.   While at Pepperdine, I focused my studies on Counseling Psychology, knowing from a very young age that this field was made for me!  During my time at Pepperdine, I lived and traveled through Europe for 6 months.  This was
such a unique and enlightening experience because it allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures, gaining an appreciation for diversity while also reaffirming how so many of our human needs are the same no matter where we live.   I graduated from Pepperdine in 1998 and immediately began a full time Master's Program for Marriage and Family Therapy at Santa Clara University.  Santa Clara is a regionally accredited school and provides intensive training for individuals seeking a Marriage and Family Therapy License.  While attending Santa Clara, I worked full time at a non-public school for emotionally disturbed children.  I was the only therapist for two campuses, providing services to over 100 children and teens!  Talk about exhausting!  I did individual therapy, family therapy, in class supportive services and ran groups focusing on communication, health, feelings, etc.  I graduated from Santa Clara in 2001 and transitioned to EMQ (Eastfield Ming Quong) where I served as a school based therapist.  As before, I did individual therapy, family therapy, created and maintained treatment plans, participated in IEP (individualized treatment plan) meetings, and ran groups.  

In order to qualify for a Marriage and Family Therapy license, I had to complete 3,000 supervised hours (yes, that's a REALLY long time!) of training in individual counseling, couples/family/child counseling, group therapy, telephone counseling, individual and group supervision, attending workshops, seminars, and training sessions, receiving psychotherapy, and administering/evaluating psychological tests of counselees, writing clinical reports, and progress notes.  I have received education in different therapeutic fields (I.e., child abuse assessment and reporting, human sexuality, alcoholism and chemical substance abuse dependency, spousal/partner abuse detection and intervention, psychological testing, psychopharmacology, California law and professional ethics, and aging and long term care).  After all of this enlightening training, I had to pass 2 written examinations issued by the Board of Behavioral Sciences, which governs the therapeutic field.

In 2002, I married my husband, and we moved from San Jose to Rocklin.  I started work as a therapist with Sacramento Children's Home in their Transition Age Program.  Again, I did individual therapy, family therapy, developed and maintained treatment plans, participated in IEP's, and ran groups.  For seven years, I worked with individuals and their families, and truly found my passion.  Each one of us is so beautiful and unique in the way we express ourselves and relate with one another, and I find that to be truly fascinating.  We are all so similar in our  needs for acceptance, affection, connection, and understanding, yet we pursue these needs in such different ways.  I began to feel so humbled by the opportunity and privilege these people extended toward me in allowing me into the most private parts of their world.  It was at this point, that I realized how much more I could do with and for people by entering into private practice, because it allows me an opportunity to meet with people in a safe, private environment and practice therapy in a pure way that encourages the genuineness of both client and therapist.  I am so honored when a client takes the risk to trust me and the process by revealing and exploring the vulnerabilities that lie within them.  

I have 2 beautiful children and I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I find so much joy in watching them grow and learn about themselves and the world (but I will definitely be stopping at 2 as they're A LOT of work!) I work part time (a few days and evenings a week), so it really gives me a chance to have the best of both worlds.  I truly cherish the relationships I have, both personally and professionally, and I look forward to building a relationship with you.  

Please call or email me with any questions or if you would like to set an appointment.  

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